RAD (Recycling Action Day)

If we had to choose one environmental action for everyone on campus to contribute to, we’d have to go with our Zero Waste goal because it’s such a collective effort, and so successful locally. San Francisco’s Recology organization is a national Zero Waste leader, finding ways around the modern waste crisis regarding shipment of recycled materials. To ensure our community was aware of our school struggles regarding waste diversion, as well as the importance and accessibility of improving minimal waste practices, we organized a Recycling Action Day festival, or R.A.D.


As the air filled with rock’n’roll from a student band promoting our event, we set up the booths. While we were raising money for animal victims of the nearby California fires, we focused the event away from money. Popular activities included our social media eco-hero photo booth contest, as well as poetry and slogan competitions. Bean bags, decorated with drawings of common waste items, were thrown Yard-Toss style, into cardboard replicas of waste bins. We held a global warming booth, with information about how the fires were influenced and the sources, including changes in consumerism, that can improve heat and drought conditions. Enticing animal cracker prizes tempted teachers and students alike to play a sorting card game. Of course, we made sure to wheel out the three bin systems to the crowded areas!