Flower Fest

For years, our school’s student government had been hosting festivals to raise money. Typically, such events entail many clubs tabling at a variety of booths, each selling a different product. We decided to use this model to make a positive difference, and be the first club to run a festival entirely on their own. We decided to call it Flower Fest, with particular emphasis on plants.


Flower Fest took place on a sunny day in late September, marking a sort of closure to the summer season. Standing at booths, club members presented in a “Did You Know” trivia style on plant-based diets. A popular table passed out free flower seeds, planted in pockets of soil within egg cartons. Also creating a flurry of activity was the bake sale, raising money for Puerto Rican victims of the climate change provoked hurricanes. We accompanied this fundraising with a table on rising temperatures, and the corresponding weather effects. Finally, we made a blooming success with our product debuts: nature themed stickers, and reusable water bottles. Flower Fest made a significant impression for our club, resulting in teacher curiosity and more student participation; a great way to start an incredible year.