Earth Fest

Earth Fest was a campus-wide event in April that included a variety of different campaigns to improve our school’s sustainability. With music in the background, there were opportunities to ride electric bikes, support the Clean Power Plan, learn how to eat a sustainable diet and more. Most of the money raised through reusable water bottles and baked goods was donated to the Sloth Conservation Foundation for their efforts to preserve the endangered pygmy three-toed sloth, which allowed us to spread awareness about this species and the threats, such as deforestation, that affect it.


Much of the tables set up for this event centered around educating both the students and staff in the school community about what they could do to be sustainable through fun activities and information. This included tables such as the Zero Waste table, where people could get discounted cookies after learning about how to properly dispose of their waste, and the Sustainable Diet table, where they could understand what small changes they could make to their lifestyles to live more healthy and planet-friendly lives.