Our Mission

At Asawa SOTA’s Environmental Club, we are improving sustainability practices on campus, engaging with climate activism, and incorporating an environmental mentality to our school culture. We take a student club to a whole new level. Through community projects and partnership with city and state organizations, we’re working to be the environmental model high school for our region and beyond.

What We Do

Improving Our Campus Practices

It’s crucial to demonstrate that the environmental goals expressed internationally by the SchoolsUnder2C movement, and locally by our District, are within reach. To provide the exemplary performance of a model campus, we are improving our school practices. We operate on four fronts: achieving Zero Waste, implementing Water Conservation, improving our Energy Footprint, and advocating for Sustainable Transportation.

Working In the Larger Community

Thinking outside the box, or rather outside the classroom, is a key aspect of who we are. We recognize that the environmental goals we aspire to achieve are larger than ourselves or our school. For this reason, we strive to engage with our community. Alongside passionate locals, we assemble to clean up beaches and parks. We fundraise on campus, with baked goods and product sales, for national and international environmental and humanitarian organizations. There are a number of organizations that make the work we do possible: these are our partners, in the Bay Area and beyond, and they are another crucial part of the wider network behind Asawa SOTA Environmental.

Creating an Environmental Culture

Creating an Environmental Culture
Environmentalism needs to involve everyone at a school, particularly the student body. As the young generation carries ultimate responsibility for the planet, education and engagement for the Earth is a vital necessity and must be available in school. For this purpose, we host assemblies, manage an inclusive Environmental Club, we run Festivals, organize activism, bring ambassador animals onto campus, and initiate field trips.

The Environmental Leadership Core

Our environmental Leadership Core is a small group of dedicated students who work to be environmental leaders within Environmental Club and who make sure that our influence on our planet is a positive one. Environmental Leadership Core students not only plan and prioritize club goals and events, but also are students who are willing to put in extra hours to keep the club thriving. Our Leadership Core is an integral part of the Asawa SOTA Environmental Club.


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Our Projects

We work towards our goals through projects which aim to reduce our waste, emissions, and carbon footprint. As a generation, we care about the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it. We want to empower our peers and work in our community to promote positive change. As a student founded and student led club, we are working to influence our fellow students to make eco-conscious decisions and take a vested interest in environmental activism.

Our Partners

What our partners say

“There are ‘Green Clubs’… And then there are ‘GREEN CLUBS!’ The Green Club at SOTA is an all-caps GREEN CLUB. Surely doing no small part to forward environmental education and conservation through exemplary follow-through, commitment, and professionalism. SOTA’s GREEN CLUB students are an asset to environmental movements and missions such as ours at Wisdom Supply Co.”

Wisdom Supply Co.

Our Donations

Members of the Asawa SOTA Community are very conscious about events taking place around the planet. When we fundraise for the groups fighting international environmental issues, including deforestation, species extinction, hurricanes, and fires, our school responds wholeheartedly. Here are the groups we’ve supported:

Our Story

Nestled under Twin Peaks, near the geographical center of San Francisco, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts has an open campus that sprawls into the Glen Park Canyon. It’s here that the story of Asawa SOTA Environmental takes place.

Since the founding of the Environmental Club by Grace McGee and Kyle Trefny in August of their freshman year (2016), we’ve taken inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds our campus, as well as the arts advocacy that defines our school. We are oriented around the principle of student leadership. Driven by student presidents, a student advisory and action core, and student members, we are able to represent the youth voice as we take on projects and partner with school committees, community groups, organizations, and companies of different sizes and across different industries and generations.

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